Top 80 Best ’80s Fashion Trends

The ’80s were both a great and terrible time for fashion. While some ’80s fashion trends have made a serious comeback in recent years, others have been locked in the annals of the ’80s – where they belong. Here, we present our list of the top 80 “best” ’80s fashion trends. Check out part one below, and stay tuned for parts two through eight, coming soon!

Number Eighty: Fanny Packs. Fanny packs might be known today as an ironic accessory or part of a Halloween costume, but in the ’80s, they were all the rage! They were a great place to hide your sadness after being rejected by every girl you asked to the prom.

Number Seventy-Nine: Slogan T-Shirts. Slogan t-shirts were a great way to tell people “Hey, I’m not that interesting, but check out my cool t-shirt!” Most of the messages on those t-shirts were pretty ridiculous, anyway.

Number Seventy-Eight: Male Ponytails. Though we might be in the era of the man bun now, in the 1980s, it was the era of the male ponytail. Who knows – maybe they’ll make a comeback!

Number Seventy-Seven: Ski Prep. In the ’80s, it was super cool to constantly look like you were heading to Aspen to go skiing with your friends. Just pop on some puffy pants and a brightly-colored sweater, and you’re set to go, sexy!

Number Seventy-Six: Jordache. Before there were about one million different brands of jeans to choose from, there was Jordache. Known for its racy ads, Jordache paved the way for other brands to enter the denim market.

Number Seventy-Five: Four-Fingered Rings. Four-fingered rings were one of the most impractical accessories of the 1980s. We’re very glad that trend is over.

Number Seventy-Four: Velour. Velour was a great way to let all your friends know just how baller you were in the ’80s. However, the effect was quite the opposite.

Number Seventy-Three: Smiley Faces. Yes, those iconic yellow smiley faces were made popular in the 1980s! The smiley faces were associated with drug culture and psychedelic mindsets at the time.

Number Seventy-Two: Reeboks. Reebok Classics were a huge hit with the men of the 1980s, and the Freestyle and Dance Reeboks were a hit with the women.

Number Seventy-One: Triple Fat Goose. Triple Fat Goose became popular after people realized just how warm those ridiculously puffy jackets could keep you. You could definitely hide several small animals in that jacket while you kept yourself warm. Stay tuned for the next installment of our list, coming soon!

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