Men: 5 Clothing Hacks to Help Elevate Your Style

A well-dressed man is a man who has mastered all aspects of style. His outfits are so refined it seems as if clothing hacks are based on his own innate sense of style. He personifies the meaning of sharp – not just because he wears nice clothes, but because he wears them properly. The way he tucks in his shirt, ties his shoes, and rolls up his sleeves radiate a level of sartorial adroitness that regular men wouldn’t be able to mirror with the help of a stylist. He appears to be one of a kind, but with the five clothing hacks below, any man can elevate his style to new heights.

Number Five: Know How to Properly Tie Your Shoes. Tying shoelaces is an essential skill most people learn by age four and master by age six. It’s one of those perfunctory actions you do every day without even giving it a second thought. However, you may want to pay your shoe laces some extra attention the next time you plan to twist them into bunny ears because the way you’ve been tieing them since age four is all wrong! Let’s refer to the popular shoe tying pedagogical song “Bunny Poem #2” to pin point where most people go wrong: “Over, under, around“, and stop right there! When tying your laces around the first bunny ear, instead of wrapping the shoe lace around the front of the  bunny ear, you wrap  it around the back. You then may proceed to tie the perfect lace, or as the song goes: “Meet Mr. Bunny Rabbit, pull and through”.

Number Four: Roll Your Sleeves the Right Way. How you roll up your sleeves can make or break an outfit. Without putting any thought or effort into this act, you may significantly reduce your swag, and even worse, become repulsive to the opposite (or same) sex. To avoid appearing like a tasteless oaf, follow these simple steps: 1. Unbutton your shirt cuff, 2. Flip the cuff inside out, 3. Proceed to roll the cuff until desired height is reached. If you’re in a situation that requires fisticuffs (cheesy pun intended), you should take a note from Popeye and roll your sleeves up extra high.

Number Three: Learn How to Tuck. In order to keep your dress shirt from puffing up around your waist, you need to learn what is known as the military tuck. The military tuck is a simple trick that will give your outfit a sleek look, and stop your mid-region from looking like a muffin top. First, put your shirt on, and then slide on your pants. Zip your pants but don’t button. Now tuck the front of your shirt into your pants; just the front. Leave the back or the duck tail hanging out. Take both hands and pinch your shirt by the back seams, and fold towards your body. Make sure your pinch and fold is taut. While still holding the fold, slide the back of your shirt into your pants. Use your thumbs to smooth the shirt out a bit, then proceed button up your pants and look awesome.

Number Two: Learn When to Tuck. For this one, just pay close attention to the shirt you’re wearing. If it’s a dress shirt with a firm collar and a deep curve at the bottom, you should tuck. If the shirt is flat at the bottom or has a shallow curve, then untuck. Alternatively, you can follow the rule of two. The rule of two states that if you are wearing two or more dress garments, then tuck. In this rule, dress garments are defined as slacks, blazers, and dress shoes.

Number One: Know How to Layer. When wearing a white button-down shirt, never, ever, under any circumstances, wear a white t-shirt or tank-top under it. White t-shirts and tank tops will most certainly always show through your dress shirt and ruin the appearance of your outfit. If you must wear a shirt under your button-down, make sure it is a form fitting, heather gray t-shirt. The gray t-shirt will blend in with your skin tone and remain invisible under your pristine white shirt.

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Men: 5 Clothing Hacks to Help Elevate Your Style

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